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We currently offer over 130 titles. Come on inside to discover the real corazón of American small press publishing.

Wings Press publishes multicultural books, chapbooks, ebooks and broadsides that, we hope, enlighten the human spirit and enliven the mind. Everyone ever associated with Wings has been or is a writer, and we know well that writing is a transformational art form capable of changing the world, primarily by allowing us to glimpse something of each other's souls. Good writing is innovative, insightful, and interesting. But most of all it is honest.

Likewise, Wings Press is committed to treating the planet itself as a partner. Thus the press uses as much recycled material as possible, from the paper on which the books are printed to the boxes in which they are shipped.

50th Anniversary of an American Classic

Black Like MeNovember 2011 marked the 50th anniversary of the publication of the American classic, Black Like Me, one of the most important documents of the Civil Rights movement. Wings Press is proud to publish the definitive Griffin Estate E-book Editions of almost all of John Howard Griffin's books:

  • Black Like Me — Ebook (December 2010)

  • New 50th Anniversary hardback edition Black Like Me (March 2011), re-edited from the original manuscripts

  • The Devil Rides Outside — Ebook only (December 2010)

  • Nuni — Ebook only (December 2010)

  • Street of the Seven Angels — Ebook and print editions available now.

  • Scattered Shadows: A Memoir of Blindness and Sight —Ebook only (December 2010)

  • Available Light: Exile in Mexico — Ebook and print editions available now.

  • Follow the Ecstasy: The Hermitage Years of Thomas Merton —Ebook only (December 2010)

  • Prison of Culture — Ebook (September 2011) and paperback original (September 2011)


  • Man in the Mirror: John Howard Griffin and the Story of Black Like Me — Ebook only (December 2010)

  • Uncommon Vision: The Life and Times of John Howard Griffin — DVD, available now.

Recent Reviews

Award Winners  

  • Borderlines: Drawing Border Lives / Fronteras: Dibujando las vidas fronterizas, STARRED REVIEW in [Criticas]

  • Again for the First Time, Texas Institute of Letters Poetry Prize (1984) by the current Poet Laureate of Texas (2013)

  • Rebozos, International Latino Book Award, First Place for Best Book of Bilingual Poetry, First Place for Best Art Book, and First Place for Best Gift Book

  • Rudiments of Flight, Gradiva Award for Poetry, National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis

  • The Light that Puts an End to Dreams, Finalist, Publishing Triangle's Audre Lorde Award for Lesbian Poetry

  • Longing, American Book Award

  • Forage, Winner of the 2010-2011 Whitebird Chapbook competition

  • Borderlines: Drawing Border Lives / Fronteras: Dibujando las vidas fronterizas, STARRED REVIEW in [Criticas]

  • Fishing For Light, Winner of the 2009 Whitebird Chapbook Series competition

  • Crazy Love, American Book Award for 2010 Best Book of Poetry

  • Vienna Triangle, Brenda Webster was the 2009 Library Laureate of the San Francisco Public Library. On the Kindle bestseller list, 2012.

  • Dying Unfinished, PEN Oakland's Josephine Miles Award for Literary Excellence (2010)

  • A Tuesday Like Today, Mexico's Premio Coatlicue Nominated for the IMPAC Dublin International Literary Award for works making "a lasting contribution to excellence in world literature."

  • The Holy Tortilla and a Pot of Beans, Winner of the 2009 Tomás Rivera Book Award for Mexican American Young Adult Literature

  • Corpus Homini: A Poem for Single Flesh, Winner of the 3rd annual Whitebird contest

  • With the Wind, Kevin Dolan, "Lone Star Book" for Young Adults, awarded by the Texas Library Association

  • Winter Poems from Eagle Pond, Poet Laureate of the United States

  • Wearing the River, PEN Southwest Poetry Award

  • Way of Whiteness, Recipient of the Austin Writers League 'Violet Crown Award For Poetry, September 2000, Nominated for the National Book Critics Circle Award for Poetry

  • One-Legged Dancer, Recipient of the Tucson / Pima Arts Council Literary Award and the2001 International Poetry Prize

  • Mi'ja, Never Lend Your Mop …and other poems, Tomás Rivera Award Finalist; The first collection of poetry by a recipient of the Hispanic Heritage awards Foundation's 1999-2000 literature/journalism prize.

  • Finding Peaches in the Desert, Recipient of the Tucson / Pima Arts Council Literary Award

  • Face, Finalist for the 2014 Neustadt Prize for International Literature. Winner of: Gold Medal, Commonwealth Club of California, The Sue Kaufman Prize of the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters.

    "When I read Face in 1985, it struck me as an extraordinary achievement, all the more extraordinary for being a first novel. Rereading it has not changed my estimate. I am deeply impressed by this book, as much by what is said as by what is not said. I presume that it is humanly possible to do what Helio does to his face; and that it is not foolishly naïve to ask and answer questions about what it possible in the real world.... FACE continues to haunt me."

      J.M. Coetzee, Nobel Prize for Literature, 2003

  • we forget we are water, Winner of the first annual Whitebird Chapbook Series competition.

  • Among the Angels of Memory, 2006 Latino Book Awards: Best Poetry Book in Spanish

  • DRIVE: The First Quartet (hardback edition), LATINO BOOK AWARDS -- BEST POETRY BOOK IN ENGLISH, 2nd Place. Winner, Balcones Poetry Prize.

  • The Beheading Game, Finalist, Northern California Book Awards

  • Scattered Risks, Uschuk is a recipient of the Tucson / Pima Arts Council Literary Award and the 2001 Struga International Poetry Prize, Scattered Risks was nominated by PLOUGHSHARES for a Zacharias Prize

  • Black Like Me (50th Anniversary Edition), Winner of: Saturday Review Anisfield-Wolfe Award, 1962 Pacem in terris Award (shared with John F. Kennedy), 1963 Christian Culture Gold Medal (Canada), 1966 Pan African Association Award for Humanism, 1980

  • Screaming at Adam, Winner of the second annual Whitebird Chapbook Series competition.

  • Ismaelillo, Named a "Top Pick for Hispanic Heritage Month" by the editors of Críticas, 8/15/2008

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