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Dying Unfinished book coverDying Unfinished

by María Espinosa

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Paperback 6x9, 192 pages

blue ribbonPEN Oakland's Josephine Miles Award for Literary Excellence (2010)

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ePub ISBN: 978-1-60940-039-2
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Above: Eileen Malone interviews Maria Espinosa about her life and about Dying Unfinished for PEN Women.

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Dying Unfinished is the story of Eleanor's troubled relationship with her daughter, Rosa. At the core of their tension is the illicit affair she has had with her daughter's husband, Antonio. The affair itself is the surface manifestation of deeper turbulence The novel is narrated through both women's voices and covers a span of nearly seventy years, during which the world around them undergoes enormous change.

While it stands alone as a novel, it is connected to Longing (American Book Award). Each novel might be considered as parts of a Rashomon-like sequence in which events are perceived through different characters.

Excerpt from Dying Unfinished:

Dad's manner was eager, almost servile. Yet underneath ran a current of something malign. His face could be like a mask, with an uncanny quality of seeming to change altogether during unguarded moments. Who knew what he was thinking beneath the surface? Like a tiger he would shield his claws until my guard was down. . . .

In his fifties, he was still handsome. His hazel eyes would shift nervously, never looking directly into mine. . . As an artist he possessed integrity. He would work as if in a trance, craving the perfect form of a metallic object in space, the perfect shape of a woman's haunch, adherence to an inner vision. It was this core, struggling for expression in a world he perceived as hostile, that aroused my sympathy.

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