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Available Light: Exile in Mexico book coverAvailable Light: Exile in Mexico

by John Howard Griffin

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Trade Paperback, 130 pages

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Black Like Me took seeing as its subtextual main theme: seeing, being seen, being not seen, the consequences of judging from surfaces, the relations between surfaces and what lies beneath them. These issues prove central to photography, of course; and the question of where one stands as a documentary photographer or photojournalist, whether one observes from inside a culture or from outside it, has proven one of the enduring issues confronting practitioners of those forms and their critics. So my encounter with this book informed my later work as a critic and theorist of photography. Unsurprising, then, to learn that Griffin had acquired serious photographic skills and practiced the medium himself, thoughtfully and well. So this welcome collection of his photographs and essays on photography enriches his canon, and the literature of the medium. Perhaps it will bring a younger generation of photographers to Black Like Me and the lessons it still has to teach about walking that mile in another's shoes. — A.D. Coleman, photography critic and lecturer, author of The Grotesque in Photography, Depth of Field, and The Digital Evolution, et al.

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