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The Love Queen of the Amazon book coverThe Love Queen of the Amazon

by Cecile Pineda

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Paperback, 284 pages


This hilarious novel in the tradition of Macedonio Fernandez, Jorge Luis Borges, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a picaresque romp through the beds and mores of a Peru that could only exist in the quirky imagination of a Latin American writer — except that the writer is a U.S. Latina. The Love Queen of the Amazon is a spoof of magical realism which proved all too predictive of Peruvian political realities. Ana Magdalena Arzate de Figueroa is married to a man who is writing a novel by the title of "The Love Queen of the Amazon." Ana's lover owns a riverboat called The Amazon Queen. They all live in the town of Malyerba ("bad herbs," but also slang for marijuana). What a trip! This novel is a satirical brawl for sensual intellectuals, but with feminist bodkins bared.


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