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Face book coverFace

by Cecile Pineda

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Trade Paperback, 184 pages

blue ribbonFinalist for the 2014 Neustadt Prize for International Literature. Winner of: Gold Medal, Commonwealth Club of California, The Sue Kaufman Prize of the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters.

"When I read Face in 1985, it struck me as an extraordinary achievement, all the more extraordinary for being a first novel. Rereading it has not changed my estimate. I am deeply impressed by this book, as much by what is said as by what is not said. I presume that it is humanly possible to do what Helio does to his face; and that it is not foolishly naïve to ask and answer questions about what it possible in the real world.... FACE continues to haunt me."
— J.M. Coetzee, Nobel Prize for Literature, 2003

In May 1977, newspapers carried the story of a Brazilian barber, who—catastrophically disfigured in a fall—managed to reconstruct his own face. After he carried out some 17 procedures using razor blades, sewing needles, thread, novocaine and builder's plaster, his feat came to public attention when Brazil's most famous reconstructive surgeon volunteered to intervene at his own expense.

Cecile Pineda has taken the bones of this story and endowed it with her own particular grace to create a universal story of catastrophe and redemption: Face.

The novel Face established Cecile Pineda as one of the first U.S. Latina writers to be published by a major New York publishing house. She went on to win accolades, including a New York Times "best of the year" designation for her other novels. All of Pineda's works are now available from Wings Press.

Cecile Pineda is a 2014 finalist for the prestigious [Neustadt International Prize for Literature], and Face is her representative work for that award.

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