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Memoirs of the World, in Ten Fragments book coverMemoirs of the World, in Ten Fragments

by V.B. Price

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Paperback, 92 pages


FROM V.B. PRICE'S PREFACE: "I am drawn to history because it is at once a conglomeration of fact and a realm of the imaginary built of anecdotes which are stories of the truth, if not the truth itself, that bear no resemblance to mere abstractions like statistics. It came to me that if I were to do a memoir late in life I would like it to be a memoir of the world. My task would be to write poems through the lens of my personality as a witness to the contents of my own awareness. A memoir of the world would have to be immediate, fragmentary and subliminally 'occasional.'"

Price writes that Memoirs of the World is not a remembrance of his own 77 years of life so far, but "of the world as it has appeared in my awareness through the lens and practice of poetry. While remaining true to itself, the poetic imagination that resides in me often performed roles normally reserved for reporters and historians and others who track down and analyze lost causes. Each of these poems are shards of an absent wholeness. They were "caught" by me as they passed through the streams of consciousness flowing over the landscape of my experience."

Memoirs of the World does not focus on any particular moment in world history, ranging from mythological Greece to Augustan Rome, from the mythic and tragic histories of the Pueblo and Navajo peoples to occupied Paris of World War II, on to the apparent chaos of the contemporary world. Such a gathering is necessarily fragmentary, with details "excavated as relics of the present and remnants of the jigsaw puzzle past that makes it up."

We live in an improbable world; an often inexplicable world; a world literally beyond belief. V.B. Price does not pretend to explain or impose a narrative or find meaning. A "memoir of the world" must, therefore, be random, occasional, infinitesimal, so incomplete as to be virtually nonexistent — and absolutely fascinating.

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