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West: Poems of a Place book coverWest: Poems of a Place

by Jim LaVilla-Havelin

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Paperback, 104 pages

Coming in September 2017

West: poems of a place revels in the life changes that happen when an urban poet moves to the country. Daily rhythms change, observational skills change, poetry changes. Jim and Lucia left New York to work in San Antonio, Texas, decades ago. Then in 2005 they moved to the small town of Lytle, Texas, to live a truly rural life. Dedicated to the fine Texas poet, Robert Burlingame, West focuses on the dayliness of the natural world and the wonder of it to new eyes, is a celebration in keeping with Burlingame's voice and vision. LaVilla-Havelin's poems skip and leap across the page in a sophisticated and subtly humorous dance. A delightful book.

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ISBN 978-1-60940-548-9
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