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Three Tides: Writing at the Edge of Being book coverThree Tides: Writing at the Edge of Being

by Cecile Pineda

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Paperback, 274 pages


In Three Tides: Writing at the Edge of Being, a "writer's writer" uses themes of displacement — personal, environmental and cultural — letting readers peer over her shoulder as she talks about writing, revealing the process that allows her to stumble, crawl and run. Through memoir chronicling a particular period of writing, she moves on to documenting the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, mediated through the oral histories of some of its survivors. The receding echoes of those voices guide her as she composes a drama, "Like Snow Melting in Water: Song for a Lost Village." Based on a true story, the play chronicles the life and death of a rice-growing village bordering the Sea of Japan. Pineda parallels the environmental devastation of Katrina — a catastrophe that wiped out entire communities of people and wildlife, erasing both culture and history — with the burial of a 300-year-old village and its magnificent landscape beneath a toxic landfill by a waste disposal company. The author is known for both her mold-breaking fiction (Face and Love Queen of the Amazon) and her urgent environmental writing (Devil's Tango: How I Learned the Fukushima Step by Step, and Apology to a Whale: Words to Mend a World.) Reading Three Tides, we watch a master writer spin gold from the detritus of life.

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