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The Magic of Mariachi / La Magia del Mariachi book coverThe Magic of Mariachi / La Magia del Mariachi

by Steven and Reefka Schneider

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Hardback, 64 pages

Available March 1, 2016

The Magic of Mariachi / La Magia del Mariachi is a fascinating cross-cultural text that combines two disciplines — art and poetry — creating a treasure of lyrical poetry and strikingly beautiful paintings of mariachi musicians. The 24 poems, written in English and skillfully translated into Spanish, were created in response to each of the 24 works of art in the book. The poems are placed side by side with the paintings and drawings of contemporary mariachi musicians.

The artwork in the book is the result of the artist's direct encounter with mariachi musicians in their rehearsals and performance settings. Reefka Schneider's paintings and drawings, done in pastel, watercolor, and charcoal, were inspired over the course of several years by her close association with both student and professional mariachi musicians. The poems are written in a variety of poetic forms: sestina, haiku, villanelle, triolet, prose poems, dramatic monologues and free verse.

The poet Marjorie Agosín, recipient of the Gabriela Mistral Medal, calls The Magic of Mariachi "a magnificent collection of poetry and art" that will lead the reader toward "a harmonic understanding of sound and image, the poetry and art of mariachi music."

The Magic of Mariachi / La Magia del Mariachi will encourage reading, bilingual learning, and creative expression through poetry and art.

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