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The Calculus of Falling Bodies book coverThe Calculus of Falling Bodies

by Geoff Rips

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Paperback, 96 pages


The Calculus of Falling Bodies is the first collection of poetry by a writer best known for his journalism. A former editor of the Texas Observer, Rips has been a Soros Open Society Institute Fellow and the PEN Freedom-to-Write Committee coordinator. Rips was the principal author of the PEN report, UnAmerican Activities. The poems in The Calculus of Falling Bodies span 40 years during which the poet has undertaken a deeply personal attempt to understand the mystery of things. They parallel his interest in the greater world, but burrow deep inside his own psyche in the attempt to find meaning. His poems include the pantheon of subjects embraced by poets through the ages — life, death, love, family — but they also discuss the natural world and the material world, TV reality shows, looking for work, traffic, the lives of window washers and hot dog vendors, wetlands and pelicans, plovers, and dolphins. This is the whole of life, seen by looking closely at its parts.

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