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Rudiments of Flight book coverRudiments of Flight

by Frances Hatfield

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Paperback, 72 pages

blue ribbonGradiva Award for Poetry, National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis

Frances Hatfield was the 2013 Featured Poet in Psychological Perspectives, a quarterly journal of Jungian thought (See vol. 56, no. 4). Rudiments of Flight was a finalist for the Texas Institute of Letters Poetry Prize. Rudiments of Flight won the 2014 Gradiva Award for Poetry from the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis.

Both revelatory and sensuous, Frances Hatfield's poems are full of "snakeroot and lightning." At once mythical and embodied, here is passion that trumps death, beauty that shines through woundedness and shame, and love, love, love. As a Jungian counselor, Hatfield repeatedly ventures to the edge of the known world and beyond, bearing unflinching witness to the terrors and ecstasies to be discovered there. We are dazed by a kaleidoscopic intertwining of the worlds of humans, nature, myth, and spirit; and yet we experience, as Blake put it, their "fearful symmetries." These poems seize us by our ordinariness and plunge us into mystery, exploring our numinous fragility and sweeping us into the darkly radiant heart of what matters.

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