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The Light that Puts an End to Dreams book coverThe Light that Puts an End to Dreams

by Susan Sherman

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Paperback, 154 pages

blue ribbonFinalist, Publishing Triangle's Audre Lorde Award for Lesbian Poetry

The Light that Puts an End to Dreams is an autobiography told in poems and prose poems. But it captures more than an individual life. This is a tale of years, a multi-generational cante hondo that will resonate with almost any reader who ever felt the urge to protest the loss of personal freedom, the curtailing of choice or expression, the pain inflicted on the many by the few. Beginning with the avant-garde arts movement and political activism of the 1960s, this is the inner life of a generation. A mixture of intense political poems, intimate love poems and provocative reflections, The Light that Puts an End to Dreams documents the journey of a woman intimately involved with many of the most important events of our time--the feminist and gay liberation movements; anti-war activism during the Vietnam era; and active engagement in the popular struggles of Chile, Nicaragua, and Cuba.

The collection culminates with a suite of a dozen poems connecting contemporary history with the 17th century world of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. Margaret Randall describes the suite as a dialogue "between women linked across centuries by intellectual curiosity, desire and literary brilliance. Time collapses beneath the power of its intuitive magic." Likewise, Jewelle Gomez calls the suite "an exquisite evocation of [Sor Juana's] fiery brilliance which is mirrored in Sherman's own." Renowned photographer Joséphine Sacabo has contributed works inspired by the poems of Sor Juana.

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