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Longing book coverLonging

by María Espinosa

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Paperback, 278 pages

blue ribbonAmerican Book Award

Winner of the American Book Award


Longing is an intense psychological novel focusing on a young woman's dependence on her husband and her attempts to forge an independent life for herself by escaping their unhealthy relationship. Rosa, a frail, sensitive American Jew living in Paris, marries an alcoholic expatriate from Chile and finds herself trapped in a sado-masochistic relationship. Amid a series of fast-moving events—the birth of their daughter, moves to her parents' home and then to Sausalito, California, and various sexual encounters—Espinosa explores Antonio's fears and failures and Rosa's implicit trust in him to direct her life. Ultimately, Rosa begins to question her relationship with her husband and her parents. Longing, admired in part for the aesthetics of its eroticism, was published in a Greek edition under the title Love Scriptures by Stathis Press.

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