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Devil's Tango: How I Learned the Fukushima Step by Step book coverDevil's Tango: How I Learned the Fukushima Step by Step

by Cecile Pineda

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Paperback, 236 pages


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Listen to Pineda's interview with Kate Rafael on [KPFA's Women's Magazine] recorded August 12, 2013.

Listen to Pineda's interview with [Kellia Ramares-Watson about Devil's Tango and the Fukushima nuclear disaster, what it means for the planet, and how we must deal with it.] Produced for the Wings Radio Program (not associated with Wings Press) by the Women's International News Gathering Service.

Cecile Pineda's "Lessons from Fukushima" at Unity of Livonia Church, March 12, 2013:

Cecile Pineda rocks and rolls at San Francisco's Enviro Occupy Forum, Nov. 5, 2012:

Catch up with Cecile Pineda on the [Devil's Tango BLOG.] or on [FACEBOOK.]

Listen to Pineda's interview with [Goddard College Community Radio]

"An astonishing anatomy of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster..." John Nichols

"Pineda's masterful framing of the urgency for readers to learn from the Japanese nuclear disaster and the machinations of its industry handlers makes Devil's Tango one of the most important and required reads this year...." Jeff Biggers, Huffington Post

Published on the one-year anniversary of the disaster at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, Devil's Tango is a one-woman whirlwind tour of the nuclear industry, seen through the lens of the industrial and planetary crisis unfolding most visibly right now in Japan. As much personal journal as investigative journalism, the author's journal entries trace her own and the world's evolution of consciousness during the first year following the March 11, 2011 disaster. Pineda keeps track, day-by-day, of worsening developments at Fukushima Daiichi, and records the daily evolution of her perceptions. Often poetic in tone, philosophic in scope, her reflections are peppered with dramatic monologues,day-to-day reportage, philosophical speculations, meditations, deep song (canto hondo) and occasional flights of fancy, a monoplay, and a grand guignol. There is no other book quite like it. John Nichols calls it an "astonishing anatomy of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster," "... a revelation, and a searing denunciation of the worldwide nuclear energy industry."

See the report on [Pineda's 2012 tour of the Northeast.]

Watch Cecile Pineda's interview with Vermont Channel 17's Town Meeting Television

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