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Nuni book coverNuni

by John Howard Griffin


ebook, 318 pages

Available as an ebook only. Retail price set at $9.95, but individual sources will differ. Check your reading device's store. Available December 2010.

ePub ISBN: 978-1-60940-144-3
Kindle ISBN: 978-1-60940-145-0
Library PDF ISBN: 978-1-60940-146-7

After John Howard Griffin's escape from Nazi-occupied France, he was stationed as an isolated observer in the Solomon Islands. That experience led to his second novel, Nuni (1956). As in his first novel, The Devil Rides Outside, and later in Black Like Me, the author encounters "the Other." In Nuni, that reality is a "primitive," almost Neolithic society. The main character learns to cope, not so much in terms of survival as in finding a new meaning to his life. The Chicago Tribune described Nuni as "an extraordinarily interesting account of a white man's life in a savage island village of the Pacific -- the greater part of the novel is concerned with the growth in the narrator, a knowledge of as well as affection for the curiously innocent people." The Dallas Times-Herald wrote: "The two greatest novels of the past decade are William Faulkner's A Fable, and John Howard Griffin's Nuni".


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