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Crazy Love book coverCrazy Love

by Pam Uschuk

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Paperback, 112 pages

blue ribbonAmerican Book Award for 2010 Best Book of Poetry

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ePub ISBN: 978-1-60940-033-0
Kindle ISBN: 978-1-60940-034-7
Library PDF ISBN: 978-1-60940-035-4

Crazy Love is Pamela's fifth collection of poetry from Wings, and it has gotten tremendous critical response. Rattle even reviewed it twice, calling Crazy Love "an essential new collection" and the author "a lyricist of high order."

Listen to Pam's three readings at the [Meacham Writers' Workshop]

Pamela Uschuk at the [2009 Telluride Mushroom Festival]

Critical Praise


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ISBN 978-0-916727-58-1
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