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Where Do We Go From Here? book coverWhere Do We Go From Here?

by Margaret Randall

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Hand-sewn chapbook, 32 pages

Margaret Randall's long 2012 poem, accompanied by 13 full-color photographs, considers the past within the present in Cambodia. From the "skull pagoda" of the Choeung Ek Killing Field to the "citadel of women" at Banteay Shrie, Randall seeks peace amid the ruins:

Light filters through bright green leaves,
touches gray crust of lichen
and wraps itself around my memory.
In silent ritual I say goodbye
to every ism held with pride or piety.
May magnificent intention live
and those who reap the profits
fade to a crossroads
I want to believe exists.
May we wake before our time is gone.

Sound artist Glenn Weyant recorded Randall at the 2012 Albuquerque Cultural Conference reading WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? Sounds--birds, cello and crickets--were added to the reading.

Where Do We Go From Here? -- A Sound Reading by Margaret Randall and Glenn Weyant

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