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Uncertain Ground book coverUncertain Ground

by Carolyn Osborn

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Paperback, 192 pages

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ePub ISBN: 978-1-60940-009-5
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Galveston is a small city on a fragile barrier island. Carolyn Osborn's Uncertain Ground captures a moment in time just before Galveston must bow to the inevitable and enter the modern era. Set in 1953, Uncertain Ground is a snap-shot of one month in the life of Celia Henderson, a small town Texas girl who has seen just enough of the world to know that there is more to life than babies and church and cattle. For this one month Celia has traded the heat and drought and cultural strait-jacket of Central Texas for the fresh Gulf winds and unrestrained lifestyle of Galveston.

With its long history of struggle against the wilder elements, both human and meteorological, Galveston is a place of cultural collision, where the Old South meets the Old West, where poverty and wealth exist side by side, and races mix more freely than elsewhere. In the 1950s, Galveston was Texas' own Sin City — a hive of hustlers and gamblers, home to the largest red light district in the state — the "place where the whole state runs off to when they want to do what they can't do at home."

Celia has also been saddled with keeping an eye on her hard-drinking, hard-playing cowboy cousin, Emmett. Others characters enter the picture — rich white kids, a Jamaican steel drum player, and the Mexican-American artist who will broaden Celia's horizons more than she could ever imagine.

It is a month that pits old racial and anti-homosexual prejudices against the dawning of a more tolerant age. The sexual double standards of the time are a constant restraint that simultaneously enlighten Celia as they corral Emmett and define his future. On this uncertain ground, this island inhabited by the ghosts of pirates and the echoes of human tragedy and triumph, Celia accepts balance as a possibility in an uncertain world.

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