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This Way Slaughter: A Novel of William Barret Travis book coverThis Way Slaughter: A Novel of William Barret Travis

by Bruce Olds

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Hardback, 240 pages


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Employing the multi-dimensional approach he used to such stunning effect in his critically-acclaimed fictions Raising Holy Hell, about John Brown, and Bucking the Tiger, about Doc Holliday, in This Way Slaughter Bruce Olds plumbs the character and mind of William Barret "Buck" Travis.

With his Quixotic heroics and his firebrand rhetoric, Buck Travis was anything but an experienced soldier when he was given command of the Alamo. An almost accidental warrior, he was more interested in words than in weaponry or tactics. Yet it seems as if history itself drafted Travis for his epic role—a part for which even he considered himself singularly ill-suited. Nevertheless, Travis somehow inspired his small garrison to fight to the death against overwhelming numbers, marking forever a small Spanish mission as the site of the American Thermopylae.

How did this 26-year-old attorney, newspaper editor, schoolteacher and diarist—on the run from a marital scandal and murder charge in Alabama—find himself in the leading role in one of the most mythologized massacres in American history?

Through a kaleidoscopic, deftly woven tapestry of re-imagined history, invented diary entries, official documents and news accounts, simulated memoir, eyewitness testimony and original poetry, Bruce Olds's This Way Slaughter gives us an indelible, highly provocative portrait of a conflicted yet duty-bound young man whose violent love affair with an even more violent Texas frontier cost him his life.

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