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The Rhizome as a Field of Broken Bones book coverThe Rhizome as a Field of Broken Bones

by Margaret Randall

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Paperback, 120 pages

Available April 2013

Margaret Randall's new poetry collection, The Rhizome as a Field of Broken Bones, is a bounty of profoundly moving long poems as well as powerful briefer ones. As its name implies, it moves beneath the surface with a dark wisdom, even as it gifts the reader with a liberating sense of connectivity. Family, war, exile, legend, difference, historic figures, and the secrets to be found in ancient ruins are all mediums for this poet's mature work. The rhizome has never had a more creative interpreter.

From the title poem:

From hops to orchids, 
ginger to the sanctified bloom
we call Lily of the Valley
a horizontal stem 
or root mass 
moves beneath the ground,
feeling its way,
choosing where it will wake and rise
in yet another multiplying mirror
we hold to history.

The ancient Greeks gave us 
this anatomy: rhizome
as key to vegetable resistance.
Utahs Pando colony 
of Quaking Aspen
a million years young.
Neither foragers, insects, 
fungus nor fire 
shatters the design 
of its secret hiding place.

At this level of our fractal universe
elegant fern
and plebian Bermuda grass,
purple nut sedge 
or obstinate poison oak
wait at trail edge 
for the next hikers 
bare legs:
all speak the language of rhizome
to our grateful ears.

We who see a field 
of broken bones
view pale faces
on memorys imprint
befriend the rhizome:
neither beginning nor end.
Balanced at midpoint,
it resists chronology
and we claim our place
as nomads on a savage map of risk.

Not linear narrative but radiant grid
where four dimensional images dance
and one rain forest butterfly
bloats a Kansas funnel cloud
with energy unmeasured
by the lab scientist 
willing to consider 
a million lives collateral damage, 
intent only on his chance 
at the big prize. 

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