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The Devil's Fingers and Other Personal Essays book coverThe Devil's Fingers and Other Personal Essays

by James Hoggard

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Paperback, 192 pages

The Devil's Fingers and Other Personal Essays is the fifth book from Wings Press by this gifted and multi-talented author, considered one of Texas' master storytellers. Over two dozen essays range from travel pieces about Havana and London and Iraq to stories about small-town Texas. They are acutely observed, often funny, occasionally outlandish, and all characterized by James Hoggard's sly wit and his noted openness to people he meets along the way. There is, for example, the Saturday morning gathering of locals who hunker down at their Dairy Queen to escape their women and chores. They see Hoggard as a neon-clad bicycle-riding exotic who finds it normal to bike 60-odd miles before lunch. Fast-paced, yet reflective, Hoggard guides his readers into some wonderfully strange turns of the world, at least as much as he did in his previous collection, Riding the Wind, which was hailed as "one of the best books ever written by a Texan."

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