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Ten Thousand Waves book coverTen Thousand Waves

by Wang Ping

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Paperback, 104 pages

Illustrated by Ruthann Gogollei

Wang Ping's Ten Thousand Waves gives us the voices of Chinese farmers and factory laborers, revolutionaries, writers, artists and craftsmen. She has a unique gift for telling small stories with powerful emotional effects.

The title poem, "Ten Thousand Waves," was inspired by a tragedy that occurred on February 5, 2004. More than twenty Chinese laborers were drowned in Morecambe Bay, England, when they were caught by an incoming tide. They were collecting cockles late in the evening, having been misinformed about the tidal times. The victims were undocumented immigrants, mainly from Fujian Province, China. The poem based on this tragedy is the beating heart of the book.

In 2006, English filmmaker Nick Broomfield directed and produced "Ghosts," a dramatic film based on the tragedy at Morecambe Bay. Not long after that, filmmaker Isaac Julien commissioned Ping to write a narrative script for his film on global immigration ("Small Boats"). When he saw Ping's finished poem, Julien decided to make a film installation specifically on Chinese immigration, which he entitled'Ten Thousand Waves," after Ping's poem. Julien invited Ping to China for the filming, which prompted Ping to write a second piece, "The Great Summons." Isaac recorded Ping reading the poems in London, and used both as the voice-over for his film. "Ten Thousand Waves" (the film) and a reading by Wang Ping were featured at the ArtPace Foundation gallery in San Antonio, Texas. The film was featured at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (November 25, 2013February 17, 2014).

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