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Take to the Highway: Arabesques for Travelers book coverTake to the Highway: Arabesques for Travelers

by Bryce Milligan


Paperback, 96 pages

blue ribbonNotable Writers Book Prize (winner); Writers League of Texas Discovery Prize (winner); Balcones Poetry Prize (finalist)

Published by [West End Press], September 2016. Please do not use the order form on this page. Also an ebook, available in all formats.

Take to the Highway: Arabesques for Travelers is a book about journeys and the intricate memory map of human consciousness. Mostly written while driving across the expanse of Texas, the poems embody family history, anticipate the approaching death of the author's mother, and embody his reflections on a life lived along many roads within an interior landscape. Formal and yet deeply personal. Prose poems, free verse, villanelles, sonnets ...

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6 x 9 in. * 96 pages * ISBN: 978-0-9970353-0-8