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Stunned Into Being: Essays on the Poetry of Lorna Dee Cervantes book coverStunned Into Being: Essays on the Poetry of Lorna Dee Cervantes

by Eliza Rodriguez y Gibson

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Paperback, 244 pages

Stunned Into Being is one of very few collections of criticism devoted to a single U.S. Latina poet. Editor Eliza Rodriguez y Gibson writes that Lorna Dee Cervantes's phrase "the poetry of improbability" describes perfectly "the critical possibilities of poetry:  it juxtaposes the horrors of nuclear weapons testing with images of beauty; it gives the ineffable mass and color; and ultimately, it presents the reader with a choice that is predicated on our agency as thinking and doing subjects in the world.... Ultimately, that sense of possibility is what drives Cervantes's vision, and it is what draws so many readers to her work."

A fifth-generation Californian of Mexican and Native American (Chumasch) heritage, Lorna Dee Cervantes was a pivotal figure throughout the Chicano literary movement; today her devoted fans circle the globe. A recipient of the American Book Award, the Paterson Poetry Prize, the Latino Literature Award, a Lila Wallace-Readers Digest Fellowship, two NEA Fellowships, Pushcart Prizes, and the International Latino Book Award, Cervantes is a dynamic poet whose work draws tremendous power from her struggles in the literary and political trenches. Her power is channeled by a keen intellect and careful craft, which allows her to explore the boundaries between language and experience.

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