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Strangers in Paradise: A Memoir of Provence book coverStrangers in Paradise: A Memoir of Provence

by Paul Christensen

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European style paperback (with flaps), 224 pages

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ePub ISBN: 978-1-60940-081-1
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Library PDF ISBN: 978-1-60940-083-5

Paul Christensen's Strangers in Paradise: A Memoir of Provence weaves a fascinating dialogue between the "Old World" of rural southern France and the "New World" of postmodern American university life. We experience village life in finely wrought detail that captures flavors, scents, and textures as well as personalities and perspectives – all etched in beautiful prose. A celebrated poet and critic of literary post-modernism, Christensen meditates on the meaning of person and place in mythology, history and culture as we watch his family adjust to this "new" Old World. Strangers in Paradise reads like a quest novel merged with a contemplative travelogue – an intense discourse on the visionary arts and a rediscovery, if not reinvention, of the self. In the mold and often the footsteps of Henry Adams, this contemporary American intellectual finds enlightenment in his delightful exile.

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