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Strange Angels book coverStrange Angels

by William Pitt Root

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Paperback, 130 pages

The basic definition of "angel" is messenger. William Pitt Root's Strange Angels discovers angels of all sorts delivering all sorts of messagesmessages we too often fail to understand delivered by messengers we fail recognize. Root depicts those moments when there is a recognition of some essence in an experience that is beyond explanation, be it a snake charmer's wife, a wounded and bleeding stranger flagging down a ride, an Emperor whose artisans invent a way to turn the screams of a tortured prisoner into the sweetest music ever heard, a dog adoring and adored, a suspected Zapatista whose womb posthumously harbors her husband's severed head, or simply a sound heard off in a marsh while smoking a cigarette in the dark. These angels attend occasions sometimes terrible, sometimes tender, without seeming to distinguish between them. Strange Angels is concerned with those extremes, spiritual and/or physical, at which social and cultural forms disintegrate or melt down, leaving one as an unshielded witness to transitioning miracles which induce a state of awe that cannot be diminished, diverted, ignored, or cliched away. Poem after poem discovers that these key moments require the heart to open and the mind to still so that what must happen in those spaces will happen, whether it is to suffer inconsolably or to discover new facets of wisdom.

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