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Sometimes It's New York book coverSometimes It's New York

by Claude Stanush

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Trade Paperback Original, 218 pages

Once the chief of correspondents for LIFE Magazine in Washington, D.C., Claude Stanush has covered everything from alfalfa farms to space science to the national government. But as he puts it in his preface, "even with such extensive experience, there was something missing. As a reporter, I was telling about life, not as a participant, but as an observer, a witness from the outside." In this, his second collection of short stories, Stanush delves into the interior lives of an array of characters – a New York bishop, artists, office workers, college professor, an aspiring novelist, the Mother Superior of a Catholic convent, a drug addict, a street drunk, a pioneer blacksmith – the doomed and the blessed. About half of the stories are set in New York, but this book is, more than anything else, a rich collection of unforgettable characters.

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