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Skin Deep and Other Teenage Reflections book coverSkin Deep and Other Teenage Reflections

by Angela Shelf Medearis

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Trade paperback, 48 pages

Illustrated by Scott Byers, cover by Bryce Milligan

Skin Deep and Other Teenage Reflections is back in print! This enduring-if-slim collection of poems presents a powerful-but-playful portrait of urban teens, especially teens of color, that addresses both contemporary issues and the timeless woes of high school. From troubled families, racism in the streets, and depression in the mirror, to cafeteria mystery meat, ill-fitting gym suits, and boy-girl obsession, to the joys of graduation, sports triumphs and personal achievement, Medearis writes with wry humor and a direct honesty that young readers identify with at once. Excellent for use with younger teen creative writing classes and to engage readers in discussion of issues they will recognize from their own lives.

This new edition (ISBN 9781609403638) replaces the old ISBN 0-916727-22-X.

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ISBN 9781609403638
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