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Rosengren's Books: An Oasis for Mind and Spirit book coverRosengren's Books: An Oasis for Mind and Spirit

by Mary Carolyn Hollers George

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Cloth/Hardback, 164 pages

PUBLICATION DATE: January 15, 2015

A special [ leather-bound, limited edition] is also available.

Rosengren's Books was the absolute center of literary culture not only in San Antonio, but in Texas, for decades. Indeed, Willie Morris, the respected author and editor of Harper's Magazine, called it "one of the finest and most admirable bookstores in America." To Robert Frost, it was simply "the best of bookstores." Writers as diverse as Robert Frost, J. Frank Dobie, John Dos Pasos, John Graves, and Larry McMurtry simply loved the place.

Published on the 80th anniversary of the arrival of the Rosengren family in San Antonio, Rosengren's Books: An Oasis for Mind and Spirit is the story of a great American family of independent booksellers and the important literary institution they created. From 1935 to 1987, the store was located in various downtown San Antonio locations, but it became most well known as the charming book shop behind the Alamo, where it was visited by thousands of bibliophiles from around the world.

At the heart of the story is Florence Rosengren. In his introduction, former mayor Phil Hardberger describes her as "the Sylvia Beach of South Texas." Or as Ronnie Dugger, the founding editor of the Texas Observer, once delcared, Florence was "the chief guardian of civilization from here to Mexico City."

View the short video documentary about Rosengren's Books and the Rosengren family, produced by Wings Press and "Save the Stories, San Antonio," produced and directed by Bill Celaya and Michele Stanush. Bryce Milligan, executive producer.

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