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Red Arc: A call for liberación con salsa y cool book coverRed Arc: A call for liberación con salsa y cool

by Raúl R. Salinas



Track List

  1. Song for Roland Kirk – in a minor blues mode (Salinas/Ho) - 03:44
  2. Peltier 1 - (Salinas/Ho) - 02:49
  3. Peltier 2 - (Salinas/Ho) - 01:55
  4. Forest Desert Vision - (Salinas/Ho) - 05:02
  5. Combat Vision - (Salinas/Ho) - 03:32
  6. Today is Your Special Day, for the marriage of Paget Walker and Peter Adelman - (Ho) - 07:16
  7. Tree of Life - (Salinas/Ho) - 02:15
  8. History Crying for Change - (Ho) - 05:17
  9. Elegy on the Death of Two Indian Women - (Salinas/Ho) - 03:55
  10. Solidarite - (Salinas / Ho) - 03:36
  11. On the Police Murder of Jonathan Rodney - (Salinas / Ho) - 01:37
  12. Loud and Proud - (Salinas / Ho) - 03:22

Performance Notes from Fred Ho

About the Recording:

Recorded at Edit Point Studios, San Antonio, TX on September 24, 2004. Engineered by Donney Meals. Mixed, edited and mastered by Jon Rosenberg at the Corner Store Studio, Park Slope Brooklyn, NY on September 28 and 30, 2004. Special Thanks to the 2004 Multi-Ethnic Literatures in the U.S. (MELUS) conference hosted by the University of Texas-San Antonio for the original impetus to this collaboration and recording project. Also to: Tomas Ybarra-Frausto, Louis Mendoza, Bill V. Mullen and Ben Olguin for their financial gifts which made this project possible. And of course to Bryce Milligan for his enthusiasm and energy.

All poems and vocal performance by Raúl R. Salinas (raúlrsalinas). Musical direction, compositions and performance by Fred Ho. Music published by Trans-formation Art Publisher/ ASCAP. All rights reserved. Copyright for all materials contained on this CD belongs to the individual creators. The text of the poems contained on this CD are from Indio Trails by raúlrsalinas, Wings Press © 2005.

CD design by Bryce Milligan. Fred Ho exclusively plays a Selmar Mark VI low-A baritone sax with a 9*b Lawton metal mouthpiece and #5 Rico reeds.


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