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Psst! . . . …I Have Something To Tell You, Mi Amor book coverPsst! . . . …I Have Something To Tell You, Mi Amor

by Ana Castillo

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Trade Paperback, 74 pages

Sister Dianna Ortiz travelled as a missionary in the early 1980s to the highlands of Guatemala, where she taught Mayan children to read and write. On November 2, 1989, Sister Dianna was sitting in the garden of her convent when she heard a man behind her say, in Spanish, "Hello, my love. We have some things to discuss."

She was abducted by this man, who together with others transported her to a jail where she was brutally tortured. One of her torturers –their boss, in fact – was a North American, probably associated with the US government in some capacity. Miraculously, Sister Dianna escaped by leaping from a car in which she was being transported.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights reported in its findings that: "Sister Ortiz was placed under surveillance and threatened, then kidnapped and tortured, and that agents of the government of Guatemala were responsible for these crimes. . . ."

Ana Castillo, moved beyond grief and anger, wrote these plays to document Sister Dianna's story.

Sister Dianna Ortiz is Executive Director of Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition International (TASSC). TASSC International is an organization of torture survivors from countries around the world working for the abolition of torture.



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