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Nirvana On Ninth Street book coverNirvana On Ninth Street

by Susan Sherman

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Paperback, 112 pages

Nirvana on Ninth Street is loosely based on residents who lived on and near Ninth Street between Aves B and C in Manhattan, in what is now known as the East Village, during an extraordinary period when the area was a mecca of political radicalism and avant-garde poetry, music and art. Rachel, a wholly fictitious character, ties the vignettes together. She is a woman who lives largely in a world of her own creation, remembering people from her past who live once again through her imagination. A combination of Samuel Beckett, magical realism and Alice in Wonderland, Nirvana on Ninth Street is the theatre of the absurd, a comedy of errors and brutal realism all rolled into one delightful, poignant and sometimes tragic fantasy. As Professor Rona L. Holub states in her Afterword: "The fictional and sometimes fantastic stories in Nirvana on Ninth Street mirror the emotions, decisions, interactions, of the people who once lived on these streets. Quite clearly it takes a poet to capture the essence of an area that is much more complex and complicated than a surface read can capture, and in this collection, Susan Sherman has done just that."

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