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María, Daughter of Immigrants book coverMaría, Daughter of Immigrants

by María Antonietta Berriozábal

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Cloth, 346 pages


María, Daughter of Immigrants is more than merely a memoir of personal and political achievements. It is "primary history" of the finest sort--an authentic voice telling a story of significance to all Americans--immigrants or their descendants, legal or otherwise. It is a courageous story of hope, love, faith, and a fighting spirit long committed to social and environmental justice, no matter the personal cost.

María Antonietta Berriozábal's parents fled the Mexican Revolution soon after it began in 1910, walking much of their 900-mile journey. María was born just a block from the Rio Grande. But María Berriozábal is not simply a "daughter of immigrants." She was the first Latina to be elected to the City Council of San Antonio, Texas. In 1991 she narrowly lost a race to become Mayor. In 1994 she received a presidential appointment as the U.S. Representative to the Inter-American Commission on Women of the OAS. She also represented her country at UN Conferences and at the 1995 World Conference on Women in Beijing, China.

María Berriozábal's years of service on the City Council (1981-1991) were pivotal for San Antonio. Her controversial stands against an unfettered nuclear industry, against unregulated pollution of the environment--especially ground water--and against unrestrained urban sprawl seem almost prescient in their wisdom. At the time, they made her into a lightning rod for the entrenched powers that controlled the city. Since she continues la lucha, the struggle, even today, institutional lightning is never too far away. This is the story of how one woman became a hero for a generation of Latinas, and for us all.

Carmen Tafolla, poet laureate of San Antonio, calls this book "a priceless resource of history, culture and political wisdom ... a vital documentation of our history as Latinos in one of the nation's most important bicultural centers."

Read an excerpt from María, Daughter of Immigrants published in the September 2012 issue of [La Voz de Esperanza]

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