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Jump-Start PlayWorks book coverJump-Start PlayWorks

by Sterling Houston

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Trade Paperback, 270 pages

Illustrated with photographs from the performances

Jump-Start PlayWorks is a unique anthology of plays and performance pieces that exemplify Jump-Start Performance Co.'s mission to "explore new directions in form and content" by giving voice to an array of under-represented communities and points of view. Body image ("Big, Bad and Beautiful"), the inclusion of historically silenced voices ("Womandingo"), those dispossessed by urban renewal ("Rosita's Day of the Dead"), and the illumination of the gay thread which runs through the American family tapestry ("Memory's Caretaker") are but a few examples of themes and works that have made Jump-Start Performance Co. a benchmark for experimental and politically vibrant theater in the U.S.

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ISBN 0-930324-60-9
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