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Initiations in the Abyss: A Surrealist Apocalypse book coverInitiations in the Abyss: A Surrealist Apocalypse

by Jim Harter

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Trade Paperback, 140 pages

A collection of 72 collages byJim Harter, with a 60-page introduction by the artist.

There is a saying that it is only when we realize how little we know that we begin to know something. Similarly, perhaps it is only when we awaken to the darkness we are in that we have our first glimpses of true light, our first intuitions of wisdom. One of the main purposes of this book is to penetrate into this collective darkness, and uncover deeper levels of truth. Essential to this process is a critical examination of our most deeply held beliefs and cultural assumptions. I realize that for many this enters very sensitive terrain and that the images and ideas in this book may be frightening or even offensive to some. For those who experience them as such, I apologize. I have included them here with a conscious awareness that we are all morally responsible for what we say. I have tried to speak the truth as it exists for me.

The idea of apocalypse is fantastic by its very nature. For this reason surrealism may be a good way in which to approach it. Surrealism is defined by WebsterÕs Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary as "the principals, ideals, or practice of producing fantastic or incongruous imagery in art or literature by means of unnatural juxtapositions and combinations." Surrealistic imagery has a potential to communicate directly with the human subconscious in a way that circumvents the rational mind. However, the production of surrealistic images itself requires collaboration between these two. Thus one can direct surrealistic imagery towards some end, and even inject some bizarre humor. Surrealism can reach a poetic dimension and express ideas that are otherwise difficult to articulate.

Calling this book a surrealist apocalypse accurately reflects its visual content. These images are allowed to speak in their own manner, contradictory and ambiguous at times, but nevertheless communicating symbolically on a number of levels and exploring an interesting range of possibilities. This allows the viewer to participate as well, as each individual's response to this material, is, in some way, uniquely his own.


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