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Indios book coverIndios

by Linda Hogan

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Hardback, 80 pages

Available only from Wings Press until April 2012, when Indios will be available everywhere.

Indios is set "in the timelessness of our lives," writes Linda Hogan. "Time is different in the cell structure of bodies created from and on this continent." Indios speaks to us the truth of a history twisted to suit the needs of a conquering power. It is an old story and yet a tragically contemporary one. Indios the character speaks to us from a jail cell, a Native woman falsely accused of the death of her children. In her plight we hear echoes of Malinche, cursed and blessed as both a race traitor and as the mother of all mestizos. We hear echoes of Pocahontas, of La Llorona, and ultimately, of Medea — not, Hogan stresses, the Medea of Euripides, but the captured princess of the original story in which her children were murdered by the people of Corinth — and Medea herself was feared for her cultural differences and her knowledge. As Indios says of herself, she is an "aftershock" of history. This powerful poem is her legacy.

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