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Gracias book coverGracias

by Alma Luz Villanueva

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Paperback, 242 pages

From the author: GRACIAS is a journey into the heart of Mexico and a coming home to the spirit home of my beloved grandmother, Jesus Villanueva. The title poem, "Gracias," describes the drive down from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico — a three day drive. Driving down with the essence of mi vida, my car loaded with only what I considered essential, I left all my things behind in my sixth decade. I walked to the horizon with Changing Woman and (once again) became the "girl". These poems also contain travels throughout Mexico, as well as Costa Rica and Paris, and of course the USA, my birth country. They travel from the center of el corazon to those fellow humans in places of war and danger, our planet, and to places of joy and beauty. The spiritual trajectory always leading me/us into the Sixth World...the next 1,000 years, which will empower humanity to unfold our spirit wings as foretold by the ancient Mayans and our elders in this time.

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