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Early Farm Tractors: A History in Advertising Line Art book coverEarly Farm Tractors: A History in Advertising Line Art

by Jim Harter

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Hardback, 9x12 inches, 142 pages

If you know anyone even remotely connected with farming, then you have found the perfect gift in this book!

Early Farm Tractors: A History in Advertising Line Art provides an fascinating glimpse of the steam traction engines and internal combustion tractors that revolutionized the world of farming. This collection of 188 black & white line illustrations, and accompanying text, takes the reader from the late 1850s to the beginning of the Great Depression. Tractors, having the advantage of internal combustion technology, became commercially viable in the early 1900s. Constant improvements in their design soon made steam traction obsolete. Advertising illustrations from farm journals of the 1909-29 period constitute the bulk of this imagery. A smaller group of 19th century engravings provides a brief overview of the steam traction era. While the main focus of this book is on America, a few examples of British and Canadian machines are included, and British developments are noted in the text.

The reader is invited to enjoy these images on their own terms, but also to consider the larger aesthetic mystery, of how form follows function, and of how something as ordinary and utilitarian as a tractor seems to have inherent standards of good design, correct proportion, and beauty. Compiled and written by an artist who has edited many collections of historic clip-art, this book is intended for tractor enthusiasts, historians, artists, illustrators, students of industrial design, and lovers of graphic art.

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