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Dream Cabinet book coverDream Cabinet

by Ann Fisher-Wirth

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Paperback, 96 pages

Ann Fisher-Wirth is interviewed by Wendy Brown-Baez about Dream Cabinet and ecopoetry in [Wendy's Muse]

Dream Cabinet is the fourth full-length book of poems by Ann Fisher-Wirth. In Dream Cabinet, Fisher-Wirth grounds her work in her life's home places--California, Mississippi--and writes of a full cycle of human life. She extends her range to include two long, experimental sequences: the title ecopoem "Dream Cabinet," set on an island in Sweden, and the eloquent poem about her first marriage called "Answers I Did Not Give to the Annulment Questionnaire." This is poetry of great beauty and searing honesty, poetry responsive to compelling personal, political, and environmental issues of our times, and--finally--poetry always aware of the evanescence, the "dream cabinet" quality, of all mortal experience. MacArthur Fellow and winner of the National Book Award, Robert Hass has written, "Many American poets have written 'the autobiographical lyric.' Very few poets have written it with such fierce and stinging accuracy as Fisher-Wirth."

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