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Dmitri Esterhaats book coverDmitri Esterhaats

by Russell Hardin

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European style paperback (with flaps), 320 pages

Dmitri Esterhaats begins as a pianist's coming-of-age story, then progresses through increasingly sophisticated musical and emotional landscapes. Each chapter introduces the challenge of mastering new music from Bach to Bartók. The author's intimate knowledge of the cultural and anecdotal history of each piece is put to good use as Dmitri Esterhaats is inspired to conquer each style and form, each new work. Dmitri Esterhaats, who inherited "long spatulate fingers from his father's Hungarian father, wide shoulders from his father's Russian mother, and a moody face and high forehead from his own mother, a Jew from Kiev," is a mirror to and a product of the multicultural world he inhabits.

Set mostly in New York, with a dense background of European culture, this delicious slice of mid-century ethnic history possesses an acute ear for sensual voices and ravishing music. Russell Hardin's Dmitri Esterhaats is rich with insights into the the interior tapestry of a brilliant performer's development from precocious adolescent to professional virtuoso.

Dmitri Esterhaats is not a creative genius, but a brilliant interpreter. But even interpreters need muses for their art to flourish, and Dmitri finds his in the women musicians he accompanies. Like "The Red Violin," Hardin's narrative entangles the eroticism of making music and making love to the point that it is difficult to tell which passion is the more physical, which the more ethereal. At once a novel of ideas by a thinker known for his brilliant books on political theory and an enlightening story of musical passion by a writer known for his wit, Dmitri Esterhaats is an intellectual delight.


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