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Dawn Tango / Tango de Madrugada book coverDawn Tango / Tango de Madrugada

by Ángel González

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Chapbook, 40 pages

Limited to 300 copies signed by the author and the translator (both deceased), a very few copies remain.

Angel Gonzalez, one of Spain's most acclaimed poets and a member of the literary community who opposed the dictatorship of Gen. Francisco Franco, has died at the age of 82. Gonzalez died Saturday morning in hospital, where he had been admitted for pneumonia. His remains were cremated Sunday after a memorial at a Madrid cemetery.

"It is too early for him to have left, although I am glad he died without having fallen into decadence," said novelist Almudena Grandes. "He was a mentor to all of us. He exercised literary and vital authority."

Originally from the city of Oviedo in northern Spain, the poet and intellectual pursued a law degree and work as a civil administrator in Madrid before starting his writing career in the 1950s. He found critical success from his very first book, Aspero mundo (Harsh World), and soon befriended others in the writing community.He also became a member of the literary movement Generation of 1950, which resisted the 1939-1975 regime of Franco.

Gonzalez, who went on to publish books of poetry and edited several anthologies, won the Prince of Asturias Award as well as a myriad of other honours in Spain, across Europe and in the U.S. He was also named a member of the Spanish Royal Academy, the official watchdog that monitors the Spanish language.

The poet left Spain in the 1972, spending about two decades in the United States, where he taught at the University of New Mexico. He remained in the U.S. even after retiring, deciding to return to his homeland only in 2003.

Gonzalez is survived by his widow, Susana Rivera


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