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Daughter of Lady Jaguar Shark book coverDaughter of Lady Jaguar Shark

by Margaret Randall

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Hand-bound chapbook, 36 pages

Lady Jaguar Shark was one of the few women rulers at Tikal, the Mayan city in northern Guatemala. Feminist poet Margaret Randall imagines a daughter of Lady Jaguar Shark, and walks us through the jungle and its ruins in conversation with her. The imaginary but all-too-real figure has plenty to say about tourists and anthropologists, and indeed about all of us in our contemporary world of haphazard values and strange assumptions, in which we too often ascribe to cultures such as the Maya the answers to our problems, or interpret their extraordinary calendar in ways that only reflect our ignorance. Daughter of Lady Jaguar Shark continues this poet/photographer's use of indigenous cultures as source and inspiration. This long poem, accompanied by 15 full-color photographs (also by Randall), is published in the same hand-printed, hand-sewn chapbook format as Randall's Where Do We Go From Here?

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ISBN 978-1-60940-35533
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