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Ciento: 100 100-Word Love Poems book coverCiento: 100 100-Word Love Poems

by Lorna Dee Cervantes

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Paperback, 128 pages

Simultaneous Ebook editions:
ePub ISBN: 978-1-60940-153-5
Kindle ISBN: 978-1-60940-154-2
Library PDF ISBN: 978-1-60940-155-9

Lorna Dee Cervantes' first collection since the celebrated DRIVE: The First Quartet. Publication of Ciento has been delayed until September 2011.

Poems No. 23 and No. 31:

100 Words To A Pixellated & Pixilated You

If 100 words is all
it takes to write me
back to you, I say,
bring on the fractures, new
fissures, the tiny breaks in
the heart, all the on
and off in the mathematics
of we two--wee bits
of light catching the fold.
I say, say it simple,
keep it close to chest.
One switch puts it all
in play--this television drama
splicing us together or apart.
I say, this spring season
watch all the episodes with
me. Dance across the screen.
Let me knead you to
your final conclusion. Let's laugh,
a fractal imagining, and love.

100 Words For Neruda's Mercy

You show me no mercy,
have me wearing Pablos' cape,
going about the sorrow-sucked streets
singing to myself, searching locked

faces for calla lilies like
a dog with an egg

in her mouth. You want
roses? Nights in love with

the bloom in your hand?
Give me tough seeds, plants

that grow only in deserts, 
trees that sprout through fire.

I want you, your expressed
desire, olive oil from your

sultry secrets, salty taste of
your memories, what doesn't live

tomorrow but in the eternal
today of your sudden loving

smile. You made me me.
You! Show me no mercy!

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