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Blood Flower book coverBlood Flower

by Pam Uschuk

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Paperback, 128 pages

Sean Thomas Dougherty wrote, "Like Lorca, Uschuk is a poet of the duende...she views the poem as a vehicle for fierce engagement with the body and its social realities, often with a metaphysical awareness that transcends and extends the corporeal into the natural world. Working a poetics rare for a North American writer, Uschuk has crafted a poetry equally steeped in nature and political resistance. This is an ecological poetics of engagement, a mythic poetry — part Lorca, part Rachel Carson."

In Blood Flower, passionate imagery married to music bursts from each line, expanding the boundaries of Uschuk's earlier poems. Blood Flower continues themes in Uschuk's American Book Award winner, Crazy Love. It takes its title from a line by the great Russian poet, Marina Tsvetayeva, "Love is a flower watered by blood." Braiding the startling, sometimes brutal stories of her Russian/Czech immigrant family (her grandfather was a gangster who committed suicide, her grandmother ran away with the circus, and her father was a fiery union steward, a decorated hero in World War II, who fought for the human rights of workers, especially black women) during the McCarthy Era in a conservative Michigan farming community with stories of veterans suffering from PTSD left by war's devastation as well as stories of courageous individuals, especially women, who persevere to love, despite it all. Uschuk's step-grandfather, father, brother, nephews and first husband suffered severe PTSD as combat veterans who returned home from wars that ravished not only their lives but the lives of the women and children closest to them. This is the history not just of one family but the history of immigrants in this nation.

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