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Beneath a Trespass of Sorrow book coverBeneath a Trespass of Sorrow

by Margaret Randall

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Hand-sewn chapbook, 36 pages

Beneath a Trespass of Sorrow is the 2014 installment in a series of illustrated, hand-printed, hand-sewn chapbooks that includes Randall's >i>Daughter of Lady Jaguar Shark and Where Do We Go From Here? Illustrated with nine works by Barbara Byers, from her "Personal Cartography" series, Randall's 12-part poem focuses on the role that maps — both real and metaphorical — have played in human culture and in individual lives.

From Part 2 of the poem:

When I was young I followed 
topographical maps
across my desert, 
walked rises and hollows

until civilization disappeared:
no rusted cans or bottle caps
defacing rock and sage
and I was alone in a spiral of time.

From Part 5:

On the grid of any childs body 
too many fathers and family friends
carve pathways 
leading to a camouflage of pain.

Mountains disassociate from valleys,
streams are unable to feed
a growth of plenty,
pride of place goes underground.  

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ISBN 978-1-60940-432-1
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