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Cecilio Garcia-Camarillo, editor author's photo

Poet, publisher, editor, literary journalist, textual artist, scriptwriter, radio personality, and cultural attaché, Cecilio García-Camarillo is a Chicano Renaissance man whose cultural activism has transfigured Chicano literary culture. With seventeen bilingual chapbooks to his credit, he writes poetry that is brash and playful, resonant with dream imagery, pulsating with dialogic orality, and passionately involved with the personal dimensions of social struggle and the tortuous inner quest for self-understanding. His command of the poema breve (brief poem) and affinity with the highly visual imagery of the haiku has also led him to explore poemas concretos (concrete poems) and to create more than five hundred poemas visuales (visual poems)—poster-sized panels of text swirled into rivers and patterns that graphically recall the forces that created them. He founded and edited two influential reviews, Magazín and Caracol: La Revista de la Raza, which provided forums for scores of new Chicano writers. His newsletter, Rayas (Lines), evolved into a weekly public radio show, Espejos de Aztlán (Mirrors of Aztlán), the longest-running cultural-affairs program at radio station KUNM in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His long-term association with La Compañía de Teatro de Albuquerque has also earned him a place in the history of bilingual community theater.

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